Is There a Way to Remedy Teenage Deprssion?

Question by Hanch: is there a way to remedy teenage deprssion?
Ok I’m a teen getting ready to turn 15, honestly I feel deppression from the pits of darkness on my shoulders,
Nah nothing I’d commit suicide with but I do feel its pointless to do much anything in life including my school work, but really that only drives me to work harder in it but its really starting to effect my sleep and eating, I tend to not be perky any more (though I’m never over perky) or happy just when I play video games but I dont want that to be the only relief I can get from it is there ANY way to help the teenage deppression go away?
I have no clue whats causing, I know its not really guy trouble since I really dont have any guys I like (besides jhonny depp :3 yea old enough to be my dad I know…)

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Answer by Sydney A
BE HAPPY!! just think of all the happy things in your life

Answer by Mike F
You might try keeping a journal for a while. Write down everything that bugs you. Journaling helps one to see what is causing your bad feelings to crop up…Once you figure out what is causing your depression, you can either burn the journal or throw it away.

I went through depression this winter, and kept a journal for 4 weeks. I found out that it was a combination of weather and loneliness that was causing it. So, I got outside more and started telling everyone I talked to whatever was on my mind at the time.

Doing that helped me out quite a bit..Maybe you could try it and see if that helps.

Hope you get out of your “funk” soon.

By the way, don’t commit suicide. Humans don’t really know what is on the other side of life, no matter what your church tells you. Death by suicide might be a way to eternal damnation or something.


Best of luck to you.

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