Is the Media to Blame for Eating Disorders?

Question by Pitso: Is the media to blame for eating disorders?
“Okay, so we all want to hear how Calvin Klein is the culprit and that the emaciated waif look has caused women to tale-spin into the world of Eating Disorders. While the images of child-like women has obviously contributed to an increased obsession to be thin, and we can’t deny the media influence on eating disorders, there’s a lot more to it than that. With approximately six billion people in the world, and a mere ten million of them suffering with some type of disordered eating (.18% of the overall population — less than a ¼ of 1%), the media obviously doesn’t cause everyone to develop Anorexia, Bulimia or Compulsive Overeating. (Current statistics indicated that approximately one in every one hundred teenage girls may develop an Eating Disorder).” My question is –

What really causes eating disorders, and why is it mainly to almost exclusively women who have these disorders?
Edit: Blouspoor. Where did I blame the media. Your remarks are not intelligent at all. Go back and read my statement and show me where I blame the media. Your problem is that you are prejudiced. You just saw my question and went on to vent disapproval without reading the question.

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Answer by mae may
an eating disorder can be caused by any thing alot of the time its trying to get control over something. it can also numb you so it like a drug or something you dont have to worry or think about anything other then food, weight…..

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