Is Societys View of “depression” as a Mental Disorder a Plot by the Government?

Question by pow-wow: Is societys view of “depression” as a mental disorder a plot by the government?
I was severely “depressed” for 7 years. I thought I was because nothing made me happy like they did before. Like buying new clothes, getting any new things, my birthdays, family get togethers, a promotion stuff like that I wasn’t happy as much as I was before or as am suppose to like everyone else but I think its just ingrained in there head to be happy to get a new car or a big birthday bash. But to me that doesn’t mean anything to me I mean yea thats great being with family and stuff but just braise I dont smile a lot like my bosses complain I’m not all bubbly and shìt. I’m just nihilistic. Like thinking of all the hours I do slaving away for some jerk boss to earn that car and money to have a giant birthday bash I dont find that fun. so when I’m seen as not happy when I get a promotion or something and hardly smile I have a mental disorder I should see a doctor and get some zoloft because Im the “dark and gloomy” circle in the corner while everyone else is socializing at a party talking about boring everyday life. I just can’t help but see that as some kind of government agenda. Im not happy buying things, working a useless job, socializing with boring asshole sheep, nothing interests me that should interest me so I
need to spend money on a therapists and drugs. No thanks.
@joey no I think thats a lie did you know vikings called happy hap which translates to luck. do you think everyone in the dark ages took zoloft?
@empire if happiness is a choice then its a lie

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Answer by Joey
I really doubt it’s a plot by the government. I mean, a mental disorder is something that prevents or inhibits your brain functions. So, it could be argued that your brain isn’t functioning correctly at this level.. The brain ‘gives out’ chemicals such as serotonin which can make you happier. It’s a natural function of the brain. There are pills that increase serotonin production eg, happy pills. So, no, it’s not a plot by the government. But I do see where you’re coming from.

Or maybe you took the blue pill so you can escape the matrix…

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