Is Schizophrenia a “Mental Disorder”, or Is It Actually Real?

Question by Elena: Is schizophrenia a “mental disorder”, or is it actually real?
I am having trouble believing that people can be diagnosed with a medical term just because what is happening to them seems impossible. What if these people really do hear voices and can see spirits? How do scientists know or doctors? I cannot process these thoughts clearly, it is making me go crazy. Someone please enlighten me, on why people who could possibly be having visions or hearing things are automatically diagnosed with a “mental disorder”.
What about a necromancer? Surely they are not crazy?

Best answer:

Answer by Vanessa
It is a real mental disorder.

You need to do research before you assume such ridiculous things. It seems you don’t understand the nature of schizophrenia. Here’s a tip, it’s more than what you see in that “a beautiful mind” movie.

ALSO, spirits are unscientific, we cannot accept them as a valid medical reason.

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