Is My Mom Right in Her Argument About Anorexia?

Question by Kori: Is my mom right in her argument about anorexia?
I’m 14.
So, I ate some fast food Sunday night, which I haven’t done in awhile, and boom, Monday morning I’m not feeling so well. I did not go to school and I didn’t have much to eat that today. I had some oyster crackers around 12 in the PM, and I did not eat until about 4 PM today (Tuesday). I hadn’t eaten or drank because I was feeling very queasy and I also forgot.

When my mom got home from work, she asked me what I had for lunch. I told her nothing. She was like, Oh. So you haven’t eaten today. I told her, no, I hadn’t eaten today. She said “That’s anorexia. When you don’t eat all day.”

I get so mad when she accuses me of being anorexic.

Now, I may be a teenager, but I have been studying anorexia for 2 years. I know more about it than the average adult on the street. Going a day without eating because your stomach is queasy is NOT anorexia.

I told her this, and she said “Yes it is.”

“No it’s not. Going a day without eating because you’re feeling sick is NOT anorexia. Anorexia is a brain disorder that causes a girl to see herself differently and she will starve herself over LONG PERIODS OF TIME. Which could be from two weeks to a month.”

She said, “That’s the psychological term for anorexia. The medical term is going extended periods of time without eating.”

How can there be a psychological AND a medical term?

We argued for about 8 minutes straight, back and forth. She accused me of being anorexic because I was feeling very sick and could not eat for 24 hours without feeling nauseous. It made me very, very mad that she was pulling this on me. I reminded her that if she really, REALLY thought I was anorexic, she would be taking me to the doctor to get me checked, or a counselor. And besides, if a girl was anorexic, she would not be admitting her habits to a parent. She would lie and cover it up. My mom argued that she once knew a girl who had anorexia, but told everyone about how she starved. I said that meant she WANTED help; either that, or she was an attention ho. My mom was like “No, she had classified anorexia,” and I said “Then she WANTED help,” and my mom said “So you don’t want help.” There she was, turning the anorexia to me. It made me so mad.

Who is right in this argument?

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Answer by Takkun.

Anorexia is not just another fcking word to describe someone not eating very much at all.
It makes me sick that people thinks it is.

Answer by More confused than most
People who stray from this diet don’t feel near as well as they could.

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