Is It True That U Can Detox Yourself With Vinegar?

Question by cheerally01: is it true that u can detox yourself with vinegar?
is it true that if you drink vinegar your “detoxifying” yourself? what kind of vinegar? how much? how many times a day? are there any other ways to detox yourself?
advice if appreciated!
xoxo ally:D

Best answer:

Answer by alpo335i
Please don’t believe that you or anyone needs to “detox” themselves. This is chicanery that has become quite the fad lately. Mostly, people just hurt themselves with these detox cures.

We have an organ in our bodies called the liver. It filters our blood of toxins. It breaks them down and we eventually excrete these toxic compounds in our urine. As long as you are not abusing drugs or alcohol, have hepatitis, or some other liver problem, that is all the detox you need to do.

Stay away from any potions, kitchen miracle cures, cathartics, enemas, or even excessive water intake. You can cause some serious, even fatal, electrolyte imbalances to your system. People have died trying the various bogus detox regimens.

And if anyone answers you with various methods for detoxing your body, ask to see their credentials or where they got the scientific/medical evidence. Not one will be able to prove that their detox method is safe or effective.

Take care of your liver and it will take care of you.

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