Is It Rational for Someone Suffering From Depression to Commit Suicide?

Question by P: Is it rational for someone suffering from depression to commit suicide?
I first asked the question: “Is it rational for someone to commit suicide?”
But now my question is : Do you think it’s rational* for someone suffering from depression* to commit suicide?

* You need to know that a depressive person tend to think that committing suicide is the only way to be happy and sometimes they suicide before even asking for help so they die thinking that their final action was rational.

Please make sure that you know the definition of rational before!

Best answer:

Answer by Ashley
maybe in a depressed person state of mind its rational to them at the moment but u should never hurt urself there is always help. it might take a while to find the help but its there. suicide is selfish think about the people u would make depressed, like your parents not fair to u or them

Answer by daylstone08
Anything that goes against your existence is irrational. If you are too depressed, the rational thing to do is to “choose” to be happy.

we choose our attitude, if we can’t change the situation, we change our attitude.


My Battle with Suicide and Depression – The video explains it.


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