Is It Postpartum Depression?

Question by Loukia: Is it postpartum depression?
Hello, everyone. I’ve been married with my husband for 2 years now. We have a four month old daughter together. Personally, I am madly in love with him. I think he is too but my mind plays tricks on me. I think I’m depressed and I don’t know if that’s caused from having the baby or not. Everything is great between us, but we’ve started fighting a LOT and it’s really my fault. I’m jealous, needing attention all the time, not satisfied by anything that he’s doing and in general causing problems out of nowhere. Before meeting my husband I had been in an abusive relationship. I’ve been physically and mentally abused, stolen from and cheated on. I really don’t know if all that’s happening is because of my past. When all of this was fresh I visited a counselor multiple times and stopped going after meeting my hubby. We’ve been good until we moved back to my home country (I’m Greek and he’s American). I really don’t like it here and I haven’t been happy here. Then, we found out we were pregnant and although we were happy about it our problems started to blossom. I feel that I’m not good enough for them and I constantly think that they would be better off without me. I thought the possibility of leaving him, not because I don’t love him (like I said I’m madly in love with him) but because I think I make his life hard and I hurt him. He cries every time we fight and on our last fight he said that he’s constantly thinking of ways of how to make me happy and it never works. It’s true. Nothing makes me happy. Of course, I love being with my family but other than that I always cry and go back and forth looking at old pictures and songs we used to listen together. What’s wrong with me??? Please I need an advise, something! Anybody has been through this??? I’m looking into seeing a counselor over here but I just wanted to hear your opinion. Thank you so much!!!

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Answer by NightOfTheHunter
Postpartum depression is when you have just had a child and you are unable to bond with the child because you have fallen depressed. Some mums have been depressed and not wanted their own baby because they are depressed and just cannot bond at all with their child. In some cases people can have psychosis after child birth. If you find that you feel really sad and down, sleep a lot, cry a lot, mainly if you feel the symptoms of depression and you are unable to bond with your child, you can’t seem to bond and love her then you do have postpartum depression and you need to see a doctor asap, it can be treated so you can have that special mother baby bond with your schild. Good luck x

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