Is It Possible to Get Homeschooled or Tutored to Finish My School Year?

Question by James Dean: Is it possible to get homeschooled or tutored to finish my school year?
I have been suffering from an embarrassing medical condition that has made me have depression and lots of anxiety. I am mentally unable to go to school anymore but there is one month left of school. But I can’t take it. I’m a senior and I was wondering if it’s possible to get a private tutor or just homeschool for the rest of my year and still get a diploma? Is that possible? By the way I live in Nevada.

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Answer by sewgoodmama
See if your school offers “independent study”. Or if you are under the care of a psychiatrist, you could ask him for a note, stating you need to be on “home and hospital” or whatever it’s called in Nevada.

You are so close to graduating. I hope you can figure out something that works. I know 1st hand how hard depression and anxiety can be to deal with.

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