Is It Possible to Become Addicted to the Manic High if One Is Bipolar?

Question by Farah: Is it possible to become addicted to the manic high if one is bipolar?
Is there a test online that one can take to know if one is bipolar or not?

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Answer by A z i z a ?
sabah el khair ya Farah. today i learned your name means happiness.

here are some links i found.. they have on line “tests”. (more a questionnaire)
I’ll keep searching and add more as i find them.

but to answer you briefly, yes. it is possible. generally those afflicted can feel more energized and also do things more to feel a rush, often engaging in reckless behaviors. Particularly they can engage in hyper-sexual behavior, but of course not all. In a manic phase one can feel they are invincible or have delusions of grandeur. They feel great! And who DOES not enjoy feeling great? So this feeling can reinforce the manic behavior in themselves. This great feeling is of course an illusion. Their lives are affected at every level by their behaviors.
The person afflicted with bipolar disorder needs support and understanding and access to treatment. I hope anyone with a mental disorder will not be afraid to seek care. If your leg was broken, would you not get it fixed? Of course you would!

Thanks for getting me thinking Farah.. I minored in Psych. and i have been close to several people with bipolar. Mental health is a subject close to my heart because it has touched so many people i know and love.

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