Is It Possible My Anxiety Is Manifesting Itself Into My Terrible Dreams?

Question by : Is it possible my anxiety is manifesting itself into my terrible dreams?
I have awful dreams 6 nights a week. I dream my family is murdered, my house is burglarized, I am being stalked. It is terrible. I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression and anxiety about 10 years ago. I gave up on “treatment” around 8 years ago. I haven’t had too many issues, but I feel like I am just ignoring any sort of stress I feel. Any help would be welcome.

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Answer by AdrielO
If you have depression and anxiety, it’s entirely possible that it could be affecting your dreams. These nightmares you describe may be the fears that you’re pushing away when you’re awake, coming back around on you when you go to sleep.

The question I would ask is, are these bad dreams affecting how well you’re able to function during the day? If they are, then maybe you have more issues than you think, and you do need to talk with your doctor about pursuing treatment again. I know it can be a frustrating process, I’ve had to go through it too for learning disabilities, but perhaps these bad dreams are trying to tell you that you need it.

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