Is It Possible Depression Is One of the Causes of Alzheimer’s/dementia?

Question by ß?????§! Guess who’s back…for now!: Is it possible depression is one of the causes of Alzheimer’s/dementia?
I’m just wondering cuz several of my clients who have Alzheimer’s/dementia have lost their spouses and/or children not long before they started showing symptoms and had to be placed in a home. Some people I have seen who already had it declined rapidly after losing a loved one.

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Answer by prescottproductions
naturally people try to erase traumatic events they have endured, so i am leaning toward yea, its a form of self protection in deperssion.

Answer by tigittytigitty
I think it’s just a coincidence because everyone I’ve know with it had lots of family, yet their memory faded……

i personally thing it has to do with metals collecting in their system….. ever heard of the mad hatters disease….. in the late 1800’s men in England used mercury to shine their fur hats and alot of them went insane because your system doesn’t handle metal well…….. just a thought

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