Is It Okay to Have Sugar and Caffeine With Newton’s Homeopathic “Blues and Mood Support” Drops?

Question by Girl4God17: Is it okay to have sugar and caffeine with Newton’s homeopathic “Blues and mood support” drops?
I bought some Newton’s homeopathic “The blues and mood support” drops today, and the guy at the store told me not to have any sugar or caffeine with it. I’ve tried to find more information about that on the internet, but I haven’t had any luck. Does anyone know if they interact with each other or something? Or does the guy even know what he’s talking about? Thanks!

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Answer by Outside of a Dog…
Yes it is fine. You can drink all of the Homo drops you want as they only contain a whole lot of nuttin’. Remember, if you get sick take more as they work better when you take less. You do understand the law of simlars right?

Answer by The First Dragon
Coffee [not all caffeine sources] is known to counteract homeopathic medicines. Some people find that caffeine has a bad effect on their mood; others find the opposite.
“Blues and mood support,” is a medicine that you will take daily or as needed, not simply once as in classical homeopathy. Therefore, even coffee is not such a big issue, because you will be taking the medicine again and again. Stay away from camphor, though, if you can.
Sugar does not specifically interfere with homeopathy; though excess sugar intake can aggravate depression, so you should probably limit it.
LOL “Outside:” what a cogent explanation of homeopathy!


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