Is It Normal While Pregnant?

Question by Elizabeth G: Is it normal while pregnant?
I practically just found out that I’m pregnant and I’m really excited about the whole thing but recently I’ve been experiencing “depression” symptoms. I’ve had a history of depression but haven’t experienced it till now. And i’ve been having awful thoughts about my boyfriend who by the way is really excited about the pregnancy though it wasn’t expected but the thoughts consist of him cheating on me and it only comes when he talks to other girls and i’ve never had a problem with him talking to other girls before. is it just the hormones changing or is really depression taking hold of me?

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Answer by Heather R
Hormones, definitely hormones. Especially in early pregnancy when your hormones spike the most, mood swings can happen a lot. Just try to keep yourself calm and relaxed.
I almost killed my husband a few times during my pregnancy with my son, but this time around with my daughter (36 weeks now) I seem to be doing better about it. At least that’s what he tells me =).
You will also have a gigantic mood shift and probably depression after the birth (PPD). Its very common and as long as it isn’t to severe or last to long its harmless and normal.

Just try to get some rest, relax and get in to see your doctor asap =)

Congratulations on your little baby mommy! Good luck to you =D

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