Is It Normal to Constantly Smell and Taste the Yeast While Drinking Alcohol?

Question by Diglett: Is it normal to constantly smell and taste the yeast while drinking alcohol?
Just curious because all my friends say they do not, however im constantly smelling it and tasting it whenever i begin to drink beer or stronger drinks.

before people begin to answer saying “alcohol is made with yeast” … I am aware of that. I just want to know IF ITS NORMAL to smell and taste it on most if not all drinks.

Best answer:

Answer by Corvato
likely you are mistaking the smell of malted grain for yeast
yes, many alcoholic beverages have a malted smell and taste… but no, most don’t have any yeast smell or taste, as they have either been filtered or distilled

Answer by Ethan
in drinks that are fermented such as beer, ales, cider & wine, yes you may be able to distinguish a smell (if you are sensitive to it) that you think is yeast. in all of these drinks the yeast is killed by the addition of sulphites or starve once all sugar has been converted to alcohol. so they do not actually contain any yeast (in the sense of the word anyway).

When drinking spirits though, because they have been distilled, the presence of yeast is not possible. Additionally, the high alcohol content of spirits would kill the yeast.

Do you smell/taste this ‘yeast’ when drinking fizzy drinks without alcohol in them? have you tasted non-alcoholic root beer or malt? trying these drinks will help you establish if the smell is indeed yeast or not.

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