Is It Legal for Me to Put My Son on Medication Without Consent From His Father?

Question by : Is it legal for me to put my son on medication without consent from his father?
I live in Wisconsin. I have been divorced for 9 years and have a 14 year old son with Aspbergers, ADD, and depression. He had been on medication until 2 years ago. His father decided to become holistic and wants to treat it with chiropractor treatment and meditation. The doctor will not refill his RX because his father does not consent and will not give him the medication at his house(We are 50/50 placement) My sons grades are falling, I’m scared he will hurt himself, his aspbergers is so much worse now that his teenage hormones have kicked in. I take him to see a psychiatrist, but it’s not enough. Does anyone know the law in Wisconsin on this policy? Additionally, due to his “Medication/Treatment” argument a custody battle has begun, but may take up to 6-8 months to complete. Just a note….I do not believe in Holistic treatment, and I do not think a chiropractor or meditation will help my autistic son! Not to mention his father has never actually brought him to the chiropractor or had him do meditation!
My attorney did not know the answer to this either, so I consulted 2 others.. Still no help! I should also say, my ex- really doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with my son, even tho he was diagnosed after months of testing.

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Answer by Brown Bearz
Modern psychiatric medicine derived from the observation that certain pesticides had induced tranquilizing or narcotic like effects on immigrant farm workers.

Please don’t do damage to your son any further by allowing these criminals to put these drugs in your son! Listen to the dad, these drugs are very unnatural and dangerous, and can cause long term genetic damage and health problems — think about your grandkids!

More: The only thing wrong with your son is that his parents are more interested in their convenience than his proper upbringing, physical, emotional, and spiritual health!

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