Is It Illegal to Omit Information When Trying to Get Help Finding a Job?

Question by Tr: Is it illegal to omit information when trying to get help finding a job?
For example, in my state there are services with people with a disability called “vocational rehabilitation”. It helps you find a job if you are disabled.

Here is my problem. By sheer luck I’ve held onto a job for 3 years. I have kept it only because a friend works there who serves as sort of an informal job coach. I have memory deficits so he basically reminds me to do certain tasks.

Anyway, I am making too many mistakes and my job is on the line..I expect not to have it by the end of this year. When I do become unemployed, the chances are nil that I can find another job due to the memory problems. ..but if I try to get assistance finding a job thru vocational disability services, if I tell them I had a job for 3 years they may think “wow, this kid has no problem.”

Even if you do not know the answer, could you make a guess…..Is it illegal to leave out your work history so that you can get some real help finding a job because you are retarded? I am basically retarded with a normal IQ
My deficits don’t show up on IQ tests…only certain subtests so i dont even have a diagnosable LD that would qualify me for employment assistance

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Answer by Belie
Why couldn’t you just explain to the people at the vocational services that the reason you held the job for so long was because you had someone with you who was there to constantly remind you, because otherwise you would not have lasted for so long on your own?

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