Is Is Possible to Work With Mainly Adolescents as a Social Worker?

Question by Kat: Is is possible to work with mainly adolescents as a social worker?
It’s just a career I’m considering. By adolescents, I mean teenagers and young adults. I don’t know if I want to work with really young kids all the time..

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Answer by monique
Yes, there are positions out there in working with youth services, to include juvenile detention centers and facilities; residential treatment; high schools, etc. Residential treatment centers are in different specialties…..some may focus on drug/alcohol abuse; some may be eating disorder treatment centers, etc. There are also positions with children’s hospitals, and psych hospitals.

Indeed is a good job search and will give you an idea of some of the jobs. I did a search using “adolescent social worker”

Some of the positions available:
Social Worker II – Child and Adolescent-
Description: Provides psychosocial assessment of and brief targeted intervention for social, emotional and environmental issues that impact client/family ability to optimally benefit from care. Actively collaborates with team to meet client care, outcome management and system improvement goals.

Mental Health Worker (Child\Adolescent Psych)

Psych Social Worker- Children’s National Medical Center
Responsible for independent clinical practice, providing individual, family, and/or group psychotherapy with children, adolescents, and adults.

Behavioral Health Social Worker- Rogers Memorial Hospital
Looking for a full time experienced Social Worker with a background in treating children/adolescents to work Monday to Friday day shift in our Brown Deer Day Treatment Center.

All of your therapy level positions will require a MSW at minimum and a license in clinical social work for the most part. With a license in clinical social work, that also allows one to have a private practice or work in private practice as a therapist.

There are Bachelor level positions, but a BSW cannot do “therapy”.

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