Is Help for Depression Really Possible?

Question by i?u: Is help for depression really possible?
Honestly. Someone once told me “depression never ends. no medicine, no doctor, and no bible can cure it. you may find temporary relief from a friend or an activity, but when it comes down to it, you are alone. when you go to bed tonight, you will be alone.”

And I feel that way. I just look at everyone and still feel alienated. Sure, if I’m hanging out with friends, it’s enjoyable, but you’re still depressed.

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Answer by Miss Ashley(Mommy2B!)
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Funny Depression Advice.(We suspect her webcam still drinks) – After medications and traditional psychotherapy and councelling failed me, in my darkest hour. I tripped, quite by accident, over cognitive therapy and positive psychology. My life took a turn for the better in a moment and it just keeps getting better. If you are depressed, please give it a serious try, for yourself and those who love you who are hurting too. Chin up. Love always. Jody.


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