Is Congenital Hydrocephalus Fatal if Not Treated?

Question by Jordan N: Is congenital hydrocephalus fatal if not treated?
my neurosurgeon told me that he would rather not put in a shunt because he’s worried that my ventricles would collapse.
I’m 17 and i’m wondering how long people with this condition live without a shunt

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Answer by Reverend Cyn
I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering. I might be inclined to seek a second opinion about the shunt, but if it is too risky, there are other options.”Endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) is sometimes performed instead of surgical shunt placement. ETV is a surgical procedure in which a small hole is made in a ventricle in the brain, allowing CSF to flow freely. It is often done when hydrocephalus seems to be a result of a blockage between ventricles. If used as treatment for congenital hydrocephalus, it is more likely to be tried after a shunt malfunction or infection. ETV was once thought to be a permanent solution for redirecting CSF flow, but it has been shown to fail over time. Babies younger than 6 months of age usually are not good candidates for this procedure.”

Life expectancy without treatment really has more to do with the underlying cause of the hydrocephalus, being a Chiari malformation, spina bifida, or any of the other common causes of Cerebral Spinal Fluid buildup in the skull.

I hope you get the help you need.
Also, adolescents and adults with hydrocephalus are extremely succeptible to depression, so be sure to keep track of your mood and get help if you feel low.

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your best bet is definitly to seek a second opinion i have never heard of them not shunting this can cause alot of pain o a persons brain and can cause alot of swelling my son is now three and has had a shunt since he was 6 months old depending on the condition that you have and the kind that you have they usually always shunt there is one kind where they can make a cut under your head where it wil;l help and you would not need a shunt but def seek a second opinion and i wish you the best of luck thanks also people with this condition sometimes dont even get treated or realize they have it till they are much older my dads friend was diagnosed when she was 45 and has has a shunt for two years it is just like a normal person your life would never be cut shorter than anyones elses because of this thanks

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