Is Beer Considered “Ethyl Alcohol”?

Question by *Yes*: Is beer considered “ethyl alcohol”?
or is it just like hard liquor

Best answer:

Answer by Blue monk 010
wine, beer and all hard liquor contain ethyl alcohol. Drunkenness is caused by ethyl alcohol affecting our brain by decreasing the activity of the nervous system.

Answer by William
ethanol (ethyl alcohol) is pure grain alcohol. Beer contains a percentage of this… some 3%, some 5% and so on. Therefore the beer itself is not “ethyl alcohol”, it is comprised mainly of water with a small percentage of ethanol. Hard liquor is the same way. Some such as Jack Daniels is 40% ethanol, while other are more or less. So again, even hard liquor is not pure ethyl alcohol, unless its 100% pure ethanol. Hope that helps.

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