Irvin Yalom Outpatient Group Psychotherapy Video Clip


Irvin Yalom Outpatient Group Psychotherapy Video Clip – For more information about this video, visit Volume I of this group therapy video series portrays a re-enactment of segments of group sessions over the course of a mixed adult outpatient psychotherapy group. Watch the full video to see how Yalom’s interpersonal model is applied, and learn techniques to steer groups into the here-and-now so they remain dynamic, on-track, and powerfully therapeutic.


Electroshock therapy more prevalent in Ontario, but guidelines are minimal

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Considered a “last-resort” therapy to lift severe depression, ECT is being increasingly relied upon to treat patients for whom antidepressants have proved ineffective. … This group, he says, “responds almost 100 per cent of the time to ECT.” Rabheru …
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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Can Reduce Depression in Those Haven't

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The CoBaIT team, comprising researchers from the Universities of Bristol, Exeter and Glasgow, recruited 469 patients aged 18- to 75-years with treatment-resistant depression for the randomised controlled trial. Patients were split into two groups: 235 …
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