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Intervention Services – Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center -The Right Step – Live Life Sober – Intervention Services If you need professional help about treatment options and getting your loved one into treatment, The Right Step is here to assist you. We work with counseling professionals in Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana who specialize in interventions. What is an Intervention? An intervention is a facilitated meeting with the addict or alcoholic, friends, family members and other concerned parties. During the intervention process, the substance abuser is lovingly confronted by people who care about them. The intervention will be a frank discussion directed to the addicted person about their using behavior and the consequences of their addiction, focusing on friends’ and family members’ feelings and experiences. We use a proven intervention process that may include one or more preparatory meetings, including family “coaching sessions”. A trained professional will facilitate the process, discuss options with the addicted person, pave the way for treatment, and then stay on as part of the treatment team. In many cases, the alcoholic or addict is ready to seek treatment immediately, and the counselor can ensure a smooth admission process into one of The Right Step facilities. Get help now. If you would like to talk with an intervention specialist, The Right Step recommends the following interventionists: National Interventionists Chemical Dependency Intervention Service, Inc. (877) 256-1179 Addiction Intervention Resources (800) 561-8158 Intervention Specialists


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The program is the only effective alternative to alcohol rehab and drug treatment centers in the United States. The program is endorsed by internationally acclaimed professionals and addiction research authors such as Prof. David Rudy, PhD; Dr. Joy …


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