Internet Exposure Linked With Depression, Suicide Risk

Internet Exposure Linked with Depression, Suicide Risk
Researchers found in few cases online-bullying led the victim to depression and even self-harm. In England, about half of all children face bullying over the internet. 'We are not saying that all young people who go on the internet increase their risk … Read more on Nature World News

Chronic disease can cause added stress to relationships
"We're in the middle of a study with adults with Type 2 Diabetes, and we developed an intervention for them to help the partner support the patient and help the patient support the partner," said Dr. Paula Trief, Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine at … Read more on YNN

Does cancer kill your sex life?
The low level of male sex hormone not only affects sex drive and fertility, but can also lead to depression, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, among other health problems. “Sexuality is greatly affected by a cancer diagnosis and treatment … Read more on VOXXI

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