International Survivors of Suicide Day

International Survivors of Suicide Day
Talk therapy and medications don't work. FALSE One of the best ways to prevent suicide is through treatment for addictions and mental illness and teaching the suicide-prone person ways to cope with problems. It takes time to find the best treatment. Read more on The Harlan Daily Enterprise

The twisted politics of enforced economic pain
The federal government is not best-suited to administer a private industry. The emergency that once threatened … Politicians congratulate themselves for taking “hard” decisions that inflict untold misery on the blithe assumption that the more harsh … Read more on Reuters UK (blog)

BH blogger buzz: Meet Steve Bell
People who have struggles due to a psychiatric disability do not wake up one day and make a conscious decision to experience the unspeakable sadness of depression or constantly hear voices that no one else can hear or stay up all night for days at a … Read more on