Inpatient Depression Clinics?

Question by Canteloupe:D: Inpatient depression clinics?
What are some affordable inpatient depression clinics for teenagers? Preferably in Maryland or Virginia. Thanks.

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Answer by Cole Miller at your service
If you have good insurance you shouldn’t have to pay anything and if you don’t have insurance you still looking at a couple grand or more for minimum. Some good institutions would be Chestnut Ridge Hospital WV, Brook Lane Health Services – Hagerstown, MD, Perry Point VA Medical Center – Perry Point, MD, Potomac Ridge Behavioral Health – Rockville, MD, Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital – Baltimore, MD. There usually isn’t a mental health facility that focuses on strictly depression, they cover a broad range of illnesses. The hospitals themselves are usually pretty boring so its best if you bring a book for something to do as well as, toiletries, casual clothes, and plenty of quarters to make phone calls.

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