Info Related to on-Site Employer Sponsored Medical Clinics. When Do They Work Best? How Are They Paid, Etc?

Question by dexterk2000: Info related to on-site employer sponsored medical clinics. when do they work best? how are they paid, etc?
i am trying to assess the feasibility of putting these clinics into a corporate site and just want to know more about them. what services? who pays? results, etc?

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Answer by PALADIN
If the purpose is to have a “clinic” on-site for convenience, then re-think the concept.. If you want a clinic as part of the overall wellness program then it is worth considering, provided there are no other cost-effective options, such as a health club, and/or “counseling” facility (stress/substance dependency) nearby.

I am familiar with “dispensary” as part of an aluminum/ magnesium plant, primarily because employees would be getting burned, scratched, scraped, slip, fall, caught on/between, and fingers, hands, and sometimes arms would be amputated, so there was a need. It was staffed by a nurse who took care of the minor incidents requireing “1st Aid”, and a doctor who visited the plant twice a week (Tuesday & Thursday) to followup on Worker Comp cases, and other injuries/ illnesses.

As time went by and the Safety program improved, the need for the doctor went from two days/week to one day every two weeks (of course he remained “on call”). The nurse took initiative and started a wellness program – encompassing blood pressure tests, diabetes screening, weight control, tobacco/alcohol/ drug/stress counseling, and the like.

It was so well received that employees came in before and after their scheduled shifts, and on their days off to “see the nurse”.

As far as putting a clinic in a corporate environment, the question has to be asked WHY? Unless the organization has life threatening injuries at the corporate level there is really no need for such a service, especially if there is a hospital or other medical facility within a short distance of the office. While Clinicians will (may) be independent contractors, you may run the risk of moving into a “co-employment” situation where they will demand the benefits afforded to regular full time employees.

Who pays? The Company. Sure it can claim a business deduction for the equipment and supplies, as well as “charge back” the insurance company for the services rendered, then the following year watch as the insurer extracts their “pound of flesh” through increased premiuims.

The employee? On what basis will s/he be charged? Per visit? Per illness? Per pill? How much? Enough to cover costs, or to make a profit? (The Accountant’s eyes will glaze over with that one.)

What about the issue of Privacy? Who gets to see the employee’s medical history? The physician? The nurse? The janitor?

In my opinion, a clinic at the corporate office is a “nice to have”, an expensive “nice to have”.

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