Incomplete Knowledge of the Clinical Context as a Barrier to Interpreting Incidental Genetic Research Findings.

Incomplete knowledge of the clinical context as a barrier to interpreting incidental genetic research findings.

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Am J Bioeth. 2013 Feb; 13(2): 58-60
Costain G, Bassett AS

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Household Social Characteristics of the Demand for Alcoholic Beverages Among Spanish Students.

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Subst Use Misuse. 2013 Feb 7;
Gil-Lacruz AI, Gil-Lacruz M

This paper studies how household social capital affects adolescents’ demand for alcoholic drinks. To that end, we focus on a theoretical framework that combines elements from the Model of Rational Addiction and the Model of Social Economics. For the empirical framework, we use a simultaneous Type II Tobit model, with data drawn from the Spanish National Survey on Drug Use in the School Population (2000, 2002, and 2004). The sample is comprised of 12,627 students aged 17 years old. Our results confirm that parents’ decisions about drinking are even more decisive in their children’s behavior than socioeconomic variables, such as parents’ educative levels or working status. Parental responsibilities go beyond the endowment of health and educational goods and services; so, these results suggest the importance of designing family-drug use prevention programs. The study’s limitations are noted.
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Evaluation of a pain curriculum for occupational therapists: experiences from a master’s-level graduate program over six years.

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Disabil Rehabil. 2013 Feb 8;
Rochman DL, Sheehan MJ, Kulich RJ

Abstract Purpose: Deficiencies in pain knowledge and attitudes among students and health practitioners are well documented. Occupational therapists (OTs) commonly care for patients who present with pain, and their knowledge of the field presumably impacts that care. This study presents the results of testing OT students’ pain knowledge in order to assess the effects of embedding pain teaching in a generic master’s-level OT course and to determine specific topics that should be addressed to improve upon existing OT curricula. Method: During the academic years 2004 through 2009, 194 OT students were administered a test of pain knowledge and attitudes on the first and last day of a required class which focused on procedural reasoning. Results: The results indicated significant (p?HubMed – addiction


Profile of catering staff at a tertiary care hospital in Mumbai.

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Australas Med J. 2011; 4(3): 148-54
Bobhate PS, R Shrivastava S, Gupta P

Food borne illnesses, even today, continue to be a major public health problem in both developing and developed nations. Food handlers play an important role in ensuring food safety throughout the chain of production, processing, storage and preparation.Health of food handlers is of great importance for maintaining hygienic quality of food prepared and served by them. Thus, the present study was conducted to study socio-demographic characteristics, morbidity pattern and immunization status of catering staff at a tertiary care hospital in MumbaiA cross sectional study was conducted from August 2010 to November 2010. Out of the total of 162 food handlers working in 11 food service establishments, 137 were interviewed face to face using a semi-structured questionnaire, while remaining 25 food handlers were excluded because of either their absence or not giving consent. The food handlers were assessed clinically for personal hygiene and investigated for hemoglobin, stool routine and sputum AFB examination.82 (59.8%) food handlers were from the age group 10 – 29 years, 113 (82.5%) male, 95 (69%) married, 59 (43.1%) educated up to primary level. Only 7 (5.1%) had ever received a dose of typhoid vaccine. 103 (75.2%) had an addiction, majority consuming gutkha 59 (57.3%). Dental caries 32 (23.4%) was the most common morbidity identified. Entamoeba histolytica was isolated in 13 (9.5%) subjects.This study has confirmed an association between educational status and personal hygiene suggesting the need for greater personal hygiene in this group. Preemployment and periodical medical examination should be encouraged.
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