In the Heat of the Day

In the heat of the day
Second, wear UV resistant, light-coloured clothing, sunglasses and a hat and regularly apply sun block lotion with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least at 40. If sunburn does occur, you can minimise the symptoms by having a cool shower, applying … Read more on The Nation

New drug combination offers hope to patients with currently untreatable
These drugs can place a substantial burden on the patient, with complicated pill and injection regimens, which can last for up to 48 weeks, and unpleasant side-effects for some patients, including anaemia, depression, and loss of appetite … Read more on Medical Xpress

Mayor Mallory and dinosaurs, Friday morning on FOX19
Dr. John Hawkins will be joining us to discuss a clinical trial for a drug-free depression treatment for those who might be resistant to medication. Tune in to find out more! With the rapid changes in fashion, seems like every year we're buying a new … Read more on FOX19