In Oregon Heard of Serenity Lane Drug&alcohol Rehab Issueing Scholarship/grant for Outpatient Financial Aid?

Question by : In Oregon heard of Serenity Lane drug&alcohol rehab issueing scholarship/grant for outpatient financial aid?
My husbands insurance did not pay like they said. Now we owe another 1500.00. I heard Serenity Lane has a scholarship program but they only sent us finance papers for payments when I requested an application for aide. I am thinking its a word of mouth rumor with no actual facts.
Does anybody know of such aide actually being granted?
We trusted SL when they told us what our insurance would cover, but then the insurance said that “SL Outpatient Program” falls under “Inpatient” according to their underwriting. So now there is a huge deductible to be paid by us. I read the entire insurance policy handbook and no where is anything stated about “Outpatient Group” falling under “Inpatient” but that’s what they’re saying and SL admits it shouldn’t go this way however, they want money. Husband has been on work restrictions since 6wk after starting rehab because of disability issue and only gets 4hr of work daily. With MAJOR medical bills every month we submitted application to SL Billing Office but it was denied with statement saying we didn’t offer a payment plan! Well, dickens. I called and ask for scholarship/grant application not payment plan paperwork. We aren’t going to be able to squeeze for much longer. We are quickly getting behind. Any info on appealing insurance or getting SL to discount bill would help me. I am out of options and research ideas.

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what on earth does this have to do with college financial aid?
Wrong category.

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