In New York City, the Perfect Storm Is Building

In New York City, the Perfect Storm is Building
New York City has experienced over twenty years of decreasing crime rates. But aggressive policing … The theory centered on the idea that disorder and crime is inexorably linked. If you come into a town and … Central to this strategy was CompStat … Read more on American Thinker

View from the bottom rung – Nov. 16, 2013
Death from hunger is due primarily to eating disorders and are too rare to be recorded in mortality statistics. Ironically, there is a major ongoing nutritional problem that is of much more concern amongst America's medical profession than hunger, and … Read more on Van Buren Press Argus-Courier

Understanding the pressures
Experts who deal with suicide from across the province say youth contemplating suicide may be dealing with a number of risk factors including isolation, perfectionism, stress, imitation, the topic's prevalence in public discussion, as well as a need … Read more on Caledon Enterprise

Insight – Profit bonanza eludes companies chasing obesity business
Binge eating disorder, a related problem, has also entered the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the reference book for psychiatry, opening a new opportunity for a drug from Shire. Europe, however, is lagging … Read more on Reuters UK