I’m Tired of Hearing, “You Have to Try Harder to Beat Depression”?

Question by hittykkiod: I’m tired of hearing, “you have to try harder to beat depression”?
The only people who say this are the people whom never had bad depression. How do you try harder? You can excercise, be more active..but that doesn’t change your mindset if you are really depressed. In most cases people have to ride out thier depression and give the depression credit for what it is. It isn’t an illness it’s a spiritual passage. This is how I feel. People will get better and give thanks to meds and doctors..mesnwhile what really happened is thier soul was done being depressed. I think that mental health care for depression is like the loch ness monster..it never did and never will exist.

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Answer by oceanlady580
let me tell you i think its rude for ppl to tell you to snap out of it and its gonna be ok blah blah blah when they dont go thru depression or any other mental disorder i have bi-polar 2/psycosis,anxiety/stress ADHD and its not easy living with me you just have to ignore these ppl and stay away from them and tell them if you cant be supportive of me ill find someone who will so i know exactally how you feel and how hard to have to struggle every day with things while its a walk in the park for all others good luck in finding some support system for you

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