I’m Depressed. =[?

Question by *DAMAGED –x: I’m depressed. =[?
– I’m from Ireland.
– I moved to Portugal when I was 10 years old.
– Just before I moved to Portugal, I started writing songs and have wanted to do music with my life ever since.
– I moved to Portugal against my will and have been depressed ever since.
– I’m 13 now.
– I want to be in a band, and I feel that this is the main cause of my depression. My future seems hopeless, and although I’m working hard at my music and keep trying to learn more, I feel that I am going no where at all and it really hurts me. I’m very worried as I feel that time is running out, I feel that I need to be in a band at least by the time I’m 16. I don’t know why. But it’s as if being in a band would make me feel secure or something. But I really need this, because I’m feeling so worried about my future, and I’m just sitting here letting time pass by without doing anything about it.
– The problem is, that here in Portugal, they all drink alcohol (at the age of 13) and swear all the time and….
They swear all the time. And I don’t really want to be in a band like that. And also, I don’t have any friends. I don’t know any musicians. And I can’t relate to anyone, I suppose because the nationality difference?
– I miss Ireland and my friends and I feel that the only way I have any hope of being in a band and being happy is by moving back. But my parents don’t want to. I’m just so depressed and I want to fix it. But how can I tell my parents my story (about wanting to be in a band and moving back to Ireland) without sounding stupid. Like, it DOES sound pretty stupid that happiness can only be brought to me by joining a band in Ireland.

Btw, EVERYONE in Ireland plays a musical instrument and there are TONS of music venues ready to find bands.
I REALLY don’t want to take any medication. That’s not an option for me. It’s just a matter of principals… so many people are willing to try and solve there problems instantly with a tablet, but I believe there must be another way…

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Answer by Emily D
I’m 14 now and started taking Prozac when I was 13 for my depression. It works for me. Talk to a doctor. Hope you feel better. (:

Answer by shaneris
You may be suffering from culture shock, as well. In addition to my usual advice on depression, I suggest you keep working on your musical skills, but also get around a hour of sun exposure, daily, and talk with your parents about your problems. Maybe plan to return to Ireland, when you are of adult age. More than 2 alcoholic drinks adds to depression. My standard post follows, but, if you are young, antidepressants are unsuitable for young people. See depression treatments, at ezy build, below, in section 2, and consult a doctor, to eliminate thyroid problems, etc. as possible contributing factors: also seek a referral to a therapist using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy. It is your decision, and yours alone, as to whether to take any antidepressants offered, but, before you do, read section 1, and check medications out at www.drugs.com so you will be on the lookout for side effects, like sexual dysfunction. My strong recommendation, however, is to follow the advice of my doctor, his associate, and also Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP, and Dr. Mercola, at www.mercola.com and many others: avoid antidepressants (pages 2V, and 2Z refer, & antidepressant websites: page 2). The reasons why we all share the same view on this are explained in full, as you will find, if you read the whole section. All of their advice, (except prayer, because many people are not religious) I have incorporated into the “core treatments”, including occupational therapy, relaxation techniques, and exercise, with others as options, such as the supplements: Inositol, or SAMe, or herbal remedies, like St. John’s wort. If you are diagnosed with clinical (major) depression, antidepressants may be necessary for a while, which will give the treatments time to become effective. The antidepressants themselves need at least several days, or even weeks to begin becoming effective. It’s a good idea to taper off them slowly, with medical advice, after several months, say, to a couple of years, at most, because they are only effective in the long term for about 30% of people. Because of this, you would be well advised to begin the treatments immediately, and maintain them. I’d just thank your mental health care provider, and pocket the prescription, trying the treatments for a few months, to see if they are sufficient for you, before considering filling it (unless clinically depressed, and having great difficulty functioning, or suicidal, in which case I’d take them). If the amount of daylight you have been exposed to recently has reduced, perhaps due to the change of seasons, see Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) in section 2, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris and, instead of taking 4 Omega 3 fish oil supplements, daily; replace 2 of them with cod liver oil supplements for the winter months only! (or, as probably a better alternative to the 2 cod liver oil supplements: 1 teaspoonful of cod liver oil, with a little butter, to ensure its use; I take mine on sourdough rye bread, or toast, covered with fishpaste, and pepper, to mask the strong taste). Consider having your doctor test your vitamin D levels, using the 25 Hydroxyvitamin D test. Optimal levels are 50 – 55 ng/ml (115 – 125 nmol/l. It should be above 32 ng/ml. Those people who receive adequate exposure to sunlight, daily, won’t need the vitamin D from cod liver oil, but many people, particularly those in latitudes far from the equator, find this difficult, to achieve. Also see YOUNG WOMEN’S DEPRESSION & TEENAGE DEPRESSION.

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