I’m a Child Anorexic (Part 7)


I’m A Child Anorexic (part 7) – .


Childhood Eating Disorders On The Rise

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One of the factors that often plays into a child developing an eating disorder is the ideal of what is considered to be attractive in our culture. But doctor pullen adds, it might be environmental factors as well. "If we take it down to the family …
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Teenage Eating Disorders

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Parents if your child suffers from an eating disorder you should ensure that your child knows that he or she is not alone. * * * * *. Are you surprised to learn that 10% of anorexia patients are male? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below …
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Taking the stress out of family dinners

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Children who regularly sit down to a family dinner, parents are told, will be less likely to use drugs or develop eating disorders and more likely to be successful in school. But getting a healthful meal on the table that kids will actually eat after a …
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