If Two Million Jobs Have Been Lost Since the Stimulus Plan Was Signed. How Long Will It Take to Get Them Back?

Question by Wild Bill Elliot. Peaceable man: If two million Jobs have been lost since the stimulus plan was signed. How long will it take to get them back?
Just recovering the two million jobs lost since the stimulus signing,
is not growth or moving ahead, When the stimulus money runs out.
those temp jobs dry up and go to hell. So where are we ahead. Out
of the two million new unemployed, How many are going to grab
that shovel. Hmmmmmm. Look at the numbers folks, they don’t
add up or even begin to compute, Naught naught double naught as
Jethro Bodine used to say. Cyperin aint a workin.

Best answer:

Answer by Robert J
Never. Those jobs aren’t coming back and we will be losing millions more jobs with Obama’s higher taxes on business owners, business, and companies. Many will close and others will move out of the U.S. taking their jobs with them.

Answer by smillingjake
Please pick up your Democratic approved Rose colored glasses and free crack pipe so you may see what they see.


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