If an Alcoholic Does Not Seek Alcohol Rehabilitation, What Are the Risks?

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Question by angela s: If an alcoholic does not seek alcohol rehabilitation, what are the risks?
I know quite a number of people (some of them are my friends) who are alcoholics and do not seem to have any plans of going to alcohol rehabs. I don’t think they understand fully the consequences of their actions. I would like to enlighten them about the negative effects of not getting treatment for their addiction.

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Answer by carrie l
Not getting treatment for alcoholism has a lot of risks. The following are some of them:

* They are more prone to engaging in sexual activities and have unprotected sex than teens who don’t drink. This puts them at a higher risk for getting HIV, AIDS, and other sexually-transmitted diseases.
* Death or injuries because of alcohol-related suicide and homicide.
* Death or injuries because of alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes.
* Those who drink are more likely to have problems regarding their conduct and school work.
* Teens who drink are more likely to develop alcohol dependence.
* They are also more likely to be victims of violent crimes like assault, robbery, and rape.
* This could lead to having dual diagnosis.

Answer by leesa
serious answer:liver damage any thing could kill them. My dad died one week ago of a heart attack between his heart and liver he had no chance get them help i couldnt save my dad so plz save your friends this is not a joke.

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