If a Leftist Still Believes That ADHD Exists After the Psychiatrist Who Coined the Condition Admits It Is…?

Question by Chris: If a Leftist still believes that ADHD exists after the psychiatrist who coined the condition admits it is…?
fraudulent, is it not self-evident that said subject suffers from a severe case of Freud’s Denial?

Which is why they say absolutely nothing about the Pharmaceutical Industry bleeding society dry?

You are the perfect test subject, thank you.


First, kudos for writing a comment that did not include “Republican” anywhere.

Second, from your own “source”:

“However, allowing for the vagaries of translation and reading the statement in context, ***some native German speakers***”

The *opinions* of “some native German speakers” (My grandmother is one) is completely irrelevant to the SPOKEN testimony of this man.
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“Since you provided me no supporting link…”


Did you get YOUR RX drugs yet?

“First evidence what you write or shut up…”


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And take YOUR meds.

A lot in common with your species.

Best answer:

Answer by tonalc2
While I agree that ADHD can be overly-diagnosed, just about every mainstream medical, psychological, and educational organization in the U.S. long ago concluded that ADD is real, and that children and adults with attention deficit disorder benefit from appropriate ADHD treatment.

Answer by Sarah
That isn’t what he said, and while he did work on ADHD and other childhood neurological disorders, he did not coin the condition. He said that it is over diagnosed. http://www.snopes.com/politics/quotes/adhd.asp

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