IDK Comics Vlog- the Depression Cure #4 – Depression Check-Up


IDK Comics Vlog- The Depression Cure #4 – Depression Check-Up – Hey there! And welcome to IDK’s first weekly series! I thought I’d talk about something that is unfortunately a part of my life–work, art, and relationships: Depression. IDK Comics Book referenced The Depression Cure by Stephen S. Ilardi, PhD.


Beating seasonal depression: How to overcome SAD-ness with positive thinking

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The UMKC Counseling Center recommends two readings for those with depressive symptoms: “The Feeling Good Handbook,” by David. D. Burns, M.D., and “The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression Without Drugs,” by Stephen C. Ilardi.
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MRF calls for more investment in migraine research

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It is also associated with other disabling conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disease, epilepsy, and stroke. Migraine is also extremely costly. … We must then work to find ways to prevent migraine, and even to cure it. The views and …
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Share a little joy and the blues can turn into a white Christmas

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This Christmas will be my third since I finally rid myself of the black dogs of anxiety and depression. Previously, I'd endured many … I'm not suggesting that random acts of anonymous kindness are a one-stop cure for mental illness. But they are a …
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Everybody Hurts Sometimes. Psychiatrist Helps Readers Discover Psychological

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Dr. Wallace shows readers how to convert emotional pains to new discoveries, handle the varieties of situational anxieties in best ways and cure psychological depression. “These truths will also benefit psychotherapists, mental health professionals, …


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