Identifying Depression, Some of the Symptoms of Depression

Identifying Depression, Some of the Symptoms of Depression
Counselor Greg Samples, from “A Growth Place” instructs on how one can identify depression or to identify symptoms of depression. A Growth Place is in the At…



6 Exercises to Alleviate Depression
Clinical depression, which can stem from a variety of complex factors, including psychological or physical trauma, biochemical imbalances, a genetic disposition, or chronic stress, does not often go away without a concerted effort. Often a number of … Read more on (blog)

Panic! At The Disco's Spencer Smith Comes Clean With Drug & Alcohol Addictions
On tour, It became a balancing act between taking enough so I didn't start feeling withdrawal symptoms and not taking too much that I couldn't function. … What started out as a way for me to numb anxiety and depression had become the major cause of it. Read more on News

Antimalarial drug warning due to side-effects
Malaria causes symptoms that typically include fever and headache, which in severe cases can progress to coma or death. Mefloquine was developed … The psychiatric side effects can include feeling anxious, mistrustful, depressed, or having hallucinations. Read more on