I Was Watching Jim the Anvil Neidhart in His Matches and I Just Found Out He Got Arrested?

Question by I ??V? ??? G??M?Z???: I was watching Jim the Anvil Neidhart in his matches and I just found out he got arrested?

He was so rude at a gas station.
I know this is old news but what is your opinion on this?
I didn’t know this. Poor Jim and poor Natalya. This is bad news!
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You’re welcome
@ agtdark2023
Yeah serously how sad is that? I hope we don’t see Natalya do the same thing 20 years from now. If Natalya did that she would break the hearts of all of her fans.

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Answer by Nexus is Rated [ A ] For Awesome
Oh wow, that’s Pretty Interesting, Thanks for Sharing this with us 😀

I have never heard about this fact which is why I said Thank You for sharing these news. 😀

Answer by agtdark2023
This did not help Linda Mcmahon’s senate bid very much either. He needs to get some help. It’s sad to see guys I grew up idolizing display this kind of behavior.

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