I Want to Suggest a New Yahoo Chat Room?

Question by Poet: I want to suggest a new Yahoo chat room?
I wanted to suggest a Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Support chat room. I’ve met many people with BPD in Yahoo chat and they depend on the support of others to help them deal with this crippling mental illness. The Depression “support” rooms offer no support at all and the vast majority of chatters there know little of the disorder and are ill inclined to offer anyone any support in anycase. The Depression “Support” rooms are nothing more than Yahoo fight rooms now.

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Answer by N. S
Go ahead and suggest. Who cares ?

Answer by philafan4o8

Depression Support for Woman: In the Shade
In the Shade is an on-line support group for women who suffer from depression. We are not professionals – we are just women whose lives have been impacted by…