I Want Residential Therapy…..?

Question by : I want residential therapy…..?
So my parents are taking me to a “counselor” on Thursday. They don’t really think anything is wrong, I mean they kno I usedto self harm but they thought I stopped (which I didn’t). But not only do I self harm, I have anorexia. My parents are the reasons behind both (not joking). I was bullied into an eating disorder by my mom, she would always call me fat & tell me I needed to lose weight so I can b pretty. And whenever I get into a fight with my parents or they yell at me, I feel the need to hurt myself. They have no idea about ANY of this & I won’t tell them because I don’t trust them (long story). But bottom line, I don’t think anything is going to change unless I’m admitted somewhere residental for help. Is there anything I can say to my to the counselor to get her to reccomend this???

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Answer by Laurel
Just tell her the truth. You need to do that for your own sake, for your future, and for your health and happiness. Tell her that you believe you need a residential program in order to move forward to recover from your issues.

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