I Think I Have a Eating Disorder?

Question by Georgia: I think I have a eating disorder?
For the past month or so I haven’t been able to eat dinner. I only have a tiny breakfast or some days none at all. Lunch is out of question, i rarely have lunch. I go to school and eat a chocolate bar and that lasts me 8 hours, then I go home and have a packet of crisps and then when dinner comes I have lots on my plate and it makes me feel sick just looking at it. I eat as much as I can, which is usually quite a lot but even my mum said to me ‘whats your problem with food lately’ I dont think theres a problem but I know that I havent been eateing properly.
On the replies, I dont eat because im scared of getting fat. I just dont like food. It makes me feel sick. I dont force myself to throw up or anything, but I hate everything to do with food.

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Answer by peanut 2
Well based on what you have told us we cant say if you have an eating disorder.

You’ve just said you’ve not been eating.
What are the reasons you dont eat?

Answer by Skillz
doesn’t sound like an eating disorder but try taking a tonic to increase your appetite?

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