I Need Some Help and Advice!!! Any Body Know Free Drug Rehabs to Get in Inpatients Care Atleast 90 Day Program?

Question by Meonly1: i need some help and advice!!! any body know free drug rehabs to get in inpatients care atleast 90 day program?
i have drug problem i feel the need for something and dont know why i can go a while but always end up doing the drugs i need help! i have 4 boys 1,2,4,9 can someone help i have no insurance or job

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Answer by Magdalena K
Here’s the best advice I can give you mom of the four that need you.
Decide that you do really want to stop using drugs. Unless you have the desire to change you will never be able to.
Be completely honest with yourself . Your chances of recovery are not good if you cannot face yourself and deal with confrontations from others.
Be patient with yourself. It usually takes at least three months before significant improvement occurs, Remove influences that enable your drug use from your life.
Avoid relying on someone to stop doing drugs with you, as he or she may not have the willingness to change. You must be willing to stop spending time with people who use drugs, and to avoid temptation. Learn to walk away from those that insist on using or talking about using in front of you. It may require you to be alone for a while or find a whole new set of friends to hang out with. It will shock you to find out how much healthier your friendships will be once you are not using drugs to smooth out the rough spots.
Stock up on nutritious, easy-to-eat foods such as soup to keep your strength up . Be especially sure to focus on your protein intake. This will help keep your blood sugar level stable, which in turn helps keep your mood on an even keel.
Find a group in your local area such as Narcotics Anonymous. It will help you deal with the issues that come up when stopping drugs. Get in touch with a reliable friend who does not take drugs, if you have one
Write down a list of things you enjoyed doing before you started using drugs or things you’ve been interested in doing that you haven’t done yet.Identify your triggers, which are people, places, things, events, activities, emotions, times, dates etc., that make you think of using; therefore placing you at a higher risk of using. After you identify your triggers, avoid them.
Identify your relapse warning signs, which are changes in your behaviors and/or attitude that signal a chance that you are close to using.
Educate yourself on the dangers to your mind and body.
Find a support system.
Develop a crisis plan.
Develop and use positive self talk.
Find health activities to replace using.
Look for work that doesn’t involve selling of drugs.
Focus on your health and taking care of your family.
Ihope I helped you a bit

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