I Need Help Creating a Topic With a “Speculating About Causes” Theme. Anyone?

Question by Max? ?&? ?!¢????: I need help creating a topic with a “speculating about causes” theme. Anyone?
We’re doing an analysis paper on an article that speculates about cause. I’m semi-lost. I want to do something about any form of abuse, but preferably child abuse. I don’t know what causes to speculate, though. If child abuse is too hard, I’m willing to turn to alcohol abuse as my next topic of choice. If that doesn’t work out, eating disorders are a third option. If none of those work, I’m open to all new ideas.

Thank you so much!
Also, it would be easiest to get an article from Time magazine.

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You will find the causes of any disorders you mentioned are many and varied. I would try a rehab center that specializes in one and talk to its counselors. The best suggestion I would give is to find an individual, especially of your gender, who can relate their history to you. It would be anonymous and that person would be giving you valuable insight into possibly preventing another going down their path.

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