I Need an Opinion on What Might Be Wrong With Me..?

Question by christina: i need an opinion on what might be wrong with me..?
i was wonderingg if this was an eating disorder..

i force myself to throw up my food..
sometimes i eat alot and throw up alot.
other times i just dont really eat.
sometimes ill just throw up once a day..
sometimes ill eat normally and wont throw up at all.

its reallly on and off..but lately its been “on”
throwing up just seems to comfort me.
even if i just do it once a day.
just knowing i did it atleast once makes me feel a little more ok about myselff..like a relief?

im not scary skinny.
im just ur average 5 foot 1 inch 125 pound 16 year old.
so im really not skinnny at all..
idkk what to doo..
ive gone to couseling for cutting and major clinical depression.
and im happy again and i havent cut or even wanted to in about a year. but this throwing up thing has just stayed with me..but my weight has always been consistent.
and nobody knows or even has the slightest clue about this..cuz i dont wanna dissappoint any1 after all my improvement the past year=[

Best answer:

Answer by Chris M
sounds like bullimia to me :/

Answer by Cozzana
Yeah, it sounds like a mixture of eating disorders. And you don’t need to be skinny to have them. (It’s gotta start somewhere, you know?)

Go see a counselor or something, it’s not healthy to keep up like that!

Good luck

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