I Just Need Some Positive Anxiety/depression “success” Stories..?

Question by Tuesday Smith: I just need some positive anxiety/depression “success” stories..?
I’ve suffered from minor (aka, short-lived, but on and off) depression for 15-20 years, and started getting anxiety and panic attacks about a year and a half ago. The depression sucks, but it’s only really bad for a day or two then goes away for weeks, so I’ve always just dealt with it. The anxiety has changed my life for the worse. I’m too scared to do anything, and I hate being alone. I’ve turned anti-social and really only leave the house because I have to go to work or school (adult student). When I do leave, I get stuck with the anxiety.

I’ve been completely holistic for 12 years, but nothing worked for the anxiety, so I decided to suck it up and go with meds. I’m petrified of them changing my personality, or becoming addicted, but I think I’m more petrified of living the way I have been for the last year and a half.

I’ve been prescribed celexa and ativan.. celexa for daily use and ativan for emergency use. I’m very scared, and as anyone who’s had anxiety knows, being scared of taking something that’s supposed to help not be scared, is a tricky situation.

I’ve been reading about those two drugs, but I’m in need of a few good stories about them. Positive ones, please.. I can’t handle any negative feedback on these right now!

Anyone have any success stories about celexa and ativan, or really any anxiety success stories?

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Answer by Paranormal puddin’
I haven’t been on any anxiety meds, but I’m on Prozac right now and that has helped with my depression and anxiety a LOT. Coupled with therapy of course.

One MAJOR thing is believing that the medicine will help, that you WILL get better. Because you will, it can never be like this forever.

Answer by Sarah
when i was a young child i suffered from anxiety attacks often. i started going to therepy weekly which i think did nothing. i was put on zoloft which numbed me to my surroundings. but i suppose it must of helped because i’m fine now. anytime i do feel an attack coming on i think about how whatever is setting it off is going to effect me in the long run which sounds freaking cheesey but works.

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