I Have Major Depression and It’s Confussing Me?

Question by Kennedy: I have major depression and it’s confussing me?
I found out I have depression after being hospitalized for self harm. The doctors say I wouldn’t be in a right state for a few months but it only ever happens at home but not at school with my friends and I don’t know why?

Best answer:

Answer by Lily
I was the same way when I had depression. When you’re with your friend, you laugh and joke and are happy. Once you get home, the bliss is gone.

Answer by Jody
You probably have the subtype of major depression known as Atypical depression, which allows you to be happy at some times and around certain people, but the depression sets in again when you get home.

There are several types and subtypes of depression. They have a range of variation in symptoms. To learn more about atypical depression (which is the most common subtype of major depression) and the more precise symptoms for it, follow the wiki link below.

It is also possible to have two types of depression at the same time, called “double depression.” Good luck.


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