I Have Know People That Have Been Going to AA for Years….?

Question by zapzap: I have know people that have been going to AA for years….?
I don’t get it? One woman for 20 years went to AA meeting to learn to cope with her alcoholic husband. Isn’t this just a venting meeting? What a waste of life.

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Answer by Joelle B
I think each person finds ways to cope with being an alcoholic or dealing with an alcoholic. While I would not go to AA meetings, maybe for her it worked.

Answer by corgiesrule
An alcoholic is always an alcoholic. They are never a cured alcoholic but a recovering alcoholic. Most go to meetings all of their lives. Some go to meetings every day. What would be a waste of life would be for them to continue drinking. an alcoholic cannot control their drinking. One drink leads to 100. Better to spend an hour a day at a meeting than the rest of your life drunk. Go to the AA website to learn more about AA and how and why it works. I think you will change your mind about wasting time. No, I am not an alcoholic but am familiar with the program and know it works

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