I Have BPD, Do I Need Medication?

Question by H is for Hello: I have BPD, do I need medication?
Alright, recently I have been diagnosed (yes, actually diagnosed by a psychiatrist) with Borderline Personality Disorder. Well, technically Im not officially diagnosed because Im only 14, but I have every one of the symptoms. They called it “Borderline Personality Organization.”

My doctor says I dont need any medication but I know shes only saying that because my mom told her she doesnt want me on anything. Almost all my family has either BPD, depression, anxiety or some other mental disorder. I KNOW I need meds for this – its really bad. Im suicidal almost constantly, depressed, I used to cut and have an eating disorder, I have awful anger problems, really anxious, and sometimes I feel like Im going crazy.

What meds should I be on for this?

And how do I convince my doctor/mom this is what I need? They both know all of this and I was in a psych ward for two weeks a couple months ago. I dont know how to make it any clearer that I have a problem that I cant fix on my own..
I know there are no specific meds for BPD. Im talking about meds for all my symptoms. (The depression, anger problems, etc).

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